Frequently Asked Questions

Objectives: Minimise Viral Loading in any Environment

Initiative 1: To Implement Certified-Effective Systems

Initiative 2: To Introduce International Safety Standards

Outcomes: Provide Safe Santuaries to Home / Work Enviro / Public Spaces

General Questions

Is UVC a proven system for eliminating all pathogens ?

UVC works by destroying the DNA & RNA bonds of genetics ensuring effectiveness for all pathogens including Covid19. The wavelength of the UVC and the radiance intensity is important to ensuring this effectiveness.

Is UVC effective against Covid19 viruses?

UVC works by destroying All pathogens including bacteria and viruses, including SARS Cov2 Viruses.

Are SteriSafe systems proven and certified?

SteriSafe EnviroSafe and ZoneSafe systems are tested by international & independent laboratories for effectiveness within the parameters of each system.

What are the Safety protocols for SteriSafe systems?

Safety is of utmost priority for SteriSafe and it is IMPOSSIBLE for humans to be exposed to it by mistake with SteriSafe systems

The system can be operated SOLELY by remote control

  1. The remote control is locked until it is intentionally unlocked
  2. The activation system will sound 18 beeps to warn of impending activation
  3. The activation system will sound rapidly just before activation
  4. If humans movements are detected within a 5m radius during activation, it will NOT be activated
  5. If human movements are detected within a 5m radius after activation, the system will auto shutoff and re activation sequence is required again.
What happens if human comes in contact with UVC?

Only repeated exposures within the 5m range will be harmful to skin cells. UVC filtering googles will protect the eyes at all times

Which environments are SteriSafe systems suitable for?
  1. Hotels – rooms, function halls, gymnasiums,
  2. Religious Venues – Mosques & Surau, Churches & Chapels, Temples
  3. Supermarkets, Cafeterias, Restaurants, Bars
  4. All Clinics, Treatment rooms, Hospitals, Dental Clinics
Are SteriSafe systems applicable in open surfaces and spaces?

SteriSafe systems works on ALL surfaces which are exposed to UVC radiance from the system in accordance to each individual system’s protocols.

These surfaces includes and not limited to Glass, Metals, Wood, Fabric, Ceramics, Rattan etc

Does SteriSafe works on crevices and openings?

SteriSafe is effective on all surfases as along as the UVC light has a line of sight / exposure.


What is the Warranty for SteriSafe systems?

Warranty is 3 years against manufacturing defects.

Intensive usage and regular completion of lifespan maybe shorter

What is the lifespan of the SteriSafe systems?

The SteriSafe UVC bulbs has a lifespan of 9,000 hrs. What this also means is that after 9,000 hrs rated lifespan, the time required for the same effectiveness will be longer.

Please contact your distributor for calculation of your specific application

What happens after the 9000hrs lifespan is expired?

The whole UVC Bulb needs to be replaced at partial costs to full system at that time

What does it mean by SteriSafe Certified Premises ?

This means that the identified premises has the necessary SteriSafe equipment and has undertaken SteriSafe protocols as part fo their ISO9001 or Standard Operating Procedures.

You may see this notation on hotel and other public venues websites

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