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Our SteriSafe rangeĀ 

SteriSafe Enviro

  • Full-size room sterilisation in as short as 15mins
  • Portable use for clinics, hotel rooms, garages, living rooms, toilets, kitchens, cars etc
  • Lifespan of 10,000 hrs or 5 yrs of daily usage (5 hrs)
  • Proven usage – used in Wuhan medical facilities and other similar locations
  • Remote-controlled switches as safety feature

SteriSafe Sceptre

  • Proven by science – effective against ALL pathogens, e.g. viruses, bacteria, fungi
  • Proven by biological testing – High pathogen kill rate effectiveness on site
  • Lifespan of 10,000 hrs or 5 yrs of daily usage (5 hrs)
  • Rechargeable lithium-ion batteries with USB Port
  • Comes in pocket size to handbag size for portability – carry it with you at all times

SilvaSafe Mask

  • Silver proven anti-viral for over 2 millennia (since Roman times)
  • Good for > 100x washes (pure silver-woven fabric, NOT coated)
  • Personalised comfortable design with changeable pocket inserts
  • Comes in both ear loop & head tie options
  • Comes in S/M/L (child, woman, man) – perfect for whole family use
  • Comes with option to sterilise with UVC sceptres instead of washing

SteriSafe Mod

  • Integrated UVC light with cabinet-sized chambers for all-in-one sterilising
  • Designed for maximum convenience – mobiles, spectacles, wallets, laptops, car keys, handbags, documents can be sterilised at the same time
  • Highly versatile – sterilise everything from delivery packages, school bags, utensils etc
  • Designed to safely sterilise everything between 5mins to 15mins
  • Can accommodate large items up to 12 x 24 x 24 inches


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