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Viral protection

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed our lives in an instant. The “New Normal” includes a crucial need to keep our loved ones and home safe from germs, viruses & bacteria that could cause harmful diseases, especially COVID-19. 

Personal Care

As the pandemic goes on, people can no longer stay indefinitely in their homes. We need to work so we can earn money. Our children need to go back to school. We have to navigate this new landscape, not with fear, but with confidence that we have taken steps to protect our family’s health as best we can.

SteriSafe Is The Answer

To this end, we need technology that is both proven and convenient to use, and ideally, chemical-free for long-term usage. Recognising this need, SteriSafe Systems has a range of UVC-based sterilising equipment that is portable, convenient and sustainable to use.

Everything about UVC Sterilisation

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Introducing Germicidal UV Light (GUVL) Technology

  • Germicidal UV Light changes the DNA & RNA of bacteria & viruses – this destroys their ability to reproduce.
  • Germicidal UV Light changes the DNA & RNA of bacteria & viruses – this destroys their ability to reproduce.
  • UV Light has a 99.9% pathogen kill rate for viruses & bacteria.
  • UV wavelengths can range anywhere from 10nm to 400nm.
  • UVC light falls between 200 to 280nm.• Best known for its ability to kill bacteria & used to disinfect rooms and surfaces.
  • Endorsed for hospital use by the US’ CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) and FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) since the early 2000s.
  • Useful for hospitals, labs, senior care centers, airports, police stations, schools, government buildings, offices, hotels & homes.

What are the benefits of sterilising with Germicidal UV Light?

  • Extremely easy
  • Non-contact sterilization method
  • No liquids and chemicals involved
  • Easily implemented into your home/office/clinic

Is Germicidal UVC Light effective against COVID-19?

  • COVID-19 can live on certain surfaces for up to 3 days.
  • Disinfecting frequently used surfaces is crucial to avoid the spread of the disease.• Pathogens can be ranked based on their tolerance to disinfectants like UV light.
  • Coronaviruses fall into the Class 3 Category of ‘Enveloped Viruses’, which are the easiest to kill.
  • Therefore, products that are able to kill more resilient Class 1 & 2 viruses (small and large non-enveloped viruses), should be able to kill enveloped viruses. Many UV lighting manufacturers say their products can kill most Class 1 viruses.
  • Since COVID-19 is such a new pandemic, there is no official testing done yet. However, based on the information above, UV lights are strongly believed to be effective at killing COVID-19. Official testing against the new novel coronavirus should be underway soon.

Making people’s lives easier

Read more about how our systems are portable, convenient and safe. Direct from our customers!

“It’s so convenient being able to carry around the SteriSafe Scepter in my bag. I use it all the time to sterilise things like my handphone, grocery carts, baby chairs and other surfaces.”


Working Mum

“My office uses the SteriSafe Enviro to conveniently sterilise our belongings like car keys, handphones and wallets. We like how it gives us more peace of mind that we’re doing what we can to kill germs and bacteria that might make us sick.”


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